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Monday, November 21, 2005

How I spend time on Sunday?

I went to A1 Grand Prix at Sepang!! First time for me oh. excited. entrace fee RM30 (free t-shirts) to hillstand seats. quite good place already. allow us to go around to view every angle of the race track. very nice. I was there at 1pm n the race started. lucky its just a race b4 main race. At 3pm only starts Main Race. Around tat time all drivers getting ready on the track. Can c the cars n drivers from quite near distances. hehehe. Then the race starts!! alex so lucky cos 2 cars infront of him cant start engine n he started with position 8 to position 6 :). the engines sound so loud! until i gotta cover my ears. the result was alex yoong got 5th place. a lot malaysia's supporters. even just 5th place but its already good enough. everyone so happy. after race, alex walk near to the stands n wave to audiences. his wife was just next to me. too bad no take pic with her but got her pic :D

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after the grand prix i went back to seremban for dinner. just for few hours. then head back to KL. At nite watched "Koma 2". Very exciting movie. so scary. the scary woman looks so ugly. I cant sleep after the show leh...keep thinking of it in my mind hahaha.