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Monday, November 28, 2005

Pissed Off

This morning incident really spoiled my morning mood. When coming to work by using Kesas highway down from my house. Usually I queue at Touch N Go lane. Who knows the front car really no brain. No touch n go for what q there? So the cars behind this stupid car gotta reverse can go to other lane. Me the same. There is a kancil infront of me. While I'm turning to the left lane but yet my car not yet out of current lane, this really f*** Kancil reverse without seeing whether got car behind n just bang to my car rear. But lucky it was just a slow bang. At that moment I just starred at this stupid driver for seconds. Where got such stupid fella reverse no see back one!! So pissed off and really mood spoilt by these 2 stupid drivers. Sorry that I've to bitchy a bit... Later I went down to car to c anything scratches and lucky nothing happened.

Saturday went paintball. My team lost :( haha nvm good experience. I got 3 bruises on shoulder, arm n back and 1 scar cause by bleeding from shot :( pain at tat point of time but now ok ok :D Due to rain in d morning so the field still wet n muddy. my pant n sport shoe full of dirty water n muds. Game finished at abt 11:30am. It's a 2 hour games. U can play longer if u get more pallets. After the game I went home and clean up then rush to Axis to join BJam n B.Attack. The BA launch quite fun. Was my 3rd time doing it and getting used to it. Will like to join it regularly to build up my stamina. Oh, after 2 classes then we went to mini studio to practice instructor side BJam 35. After some practices ok with the directions. Now gotta brush up the movements. Slept quite early cos too tired :D

Sunday thought of go gym but end up lazy. End up went out to Carrefour bought some food and daily use stuffs. And also bought Harry Potter latest edition (half blood prince) with cheaper price (RM35) compare to Popular bookshop (RM60 after discounted 20%) and I think both quality exactly same! Then whole day at home watch CSI, cook food, laundry (many many times) haha. I got big big basket of clothes no wash. Quite busy a bit but relax sunday I had. But when you alone stay at home you will tend to think more unnecessary n mood will getting down towards night time. I'm always no good mood when Sunday nite cos knowing tmrw gotta work. :p

Tonight off night. No gym. Try to get more time to rest now. :D hooray at last monday past. Wish u all have a new and wonderful day tomorrow. ;) ciao


Tony said...

Shirlyn, sorry to know that u got banged. Ya, i agree that some of the driver is driving without bringing out their eye, siao one...

Me also same, my monday blue actually not start on monday, it actually start on sunday evening. Next time go for some movie/shopping on sunday evening, then ur down mood maybe can forget, at least for few hours also better than down for the whole evening/night.

This is terrible......seems like not only me don like to work... heheheheh....

Shirlyn said...

I felt am so 'hak jai' yesterday. Especially when you in bad mood everything seems not smooth. Will it because ur thinking control ur life n perception on everything?

Tony, I tried go for movie/shopping on evening for a day. No doubt it helps to forget time passes but still end of the day especially at nite after everything then u feel tired of a day out n thinking tmrw gotta also not a good feeling :( u will feel tat u have no time n its late to sleep n u r tired n tmrw have to work sure sleepy. all these cause me down n down sigh.

everyone seems don like to work ler. but wat if the work i'm interested n i can concentrate on it with happy mood i don mind. now i'm facing work tat may b dislike n still donno wat is going on (this is new job mar). when i lost i'll down.

Tony said...

Yes, I believe that for one person, no matter who is he/she, for sure some of the day in a year, sure very hak jei one.

Like me, few weeks ago, i knocked my car (small portion only). Then nevermind, I send my car to knocked it back to normal, then it took me 2 days without car. This is not the best part. The best part is, after i collect my car, go along the hi-way to go back my house, then my tyre pucture because kena one tin on the hi-way. The tyre shop keeper told me my tyre cant fix, have to change a new one, coz it scratch the side of the tyre. Only that day i spend 600 to knocked my car n change a new tyre. This is also the 'hak'est day in my life.

sometimes it is just naturally happen (the hak thing), sometimes its u choose it. very hard to explain here.

Ya, i know, after go home, ur mood down again after shopping, but then the time period is shorter than if u stay home whole day right? So, if u can choose to down mood for half day or only few hour, which one u wan?

No doubt that we all are working on something we don like to work.
jahahahaha...thats y we all have monday blue lo....

Sometimes no matter what is the job, u can choose to accept the job happily or sadly. If u think it is sad to do something new, which u never work on before, then of course u feel sad n scare. Otherwise if u think u have chance to learn to work on the new job, then sure u happy, because it help your career in the future. So, whether u feel happy to get a job or sad, its totally depend on u. ur com cant help u on this. So maybe this is what u said, ur thinking can control ur life n perception. Am i right?

Shirlyn said...

u r right. mostly everything all depends on urself. no one can help unless urself. first to learn how to deal with ur ownself. say easy but do difficult.