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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Plans for the rest of the days

Last nite suppose to go Axis join Tracy's body jam class but someone told me she can't make it. So changed plan to go Curve joining Melissa's jam. When at Curve then knowing Tracy is teaching at Axis! Damn!! miss her class :( The purpose to join Tracy class is to do more new body jam release. But lucky Melissa also do half of the new release combined with current release. OK lar. a consolation to me. But still feel bad that missed Tracy's class.

After gym went to Ikano Uncle Lim makan. Ate porridge. ok not bad. I left earlier around 10pm. Tired. While driving home already started dreaming. Lucky didn't fall asleep. Once home quickly washed clothes n head to bed liao. So the tired and sleepy. Oh yeah, during the jam class I nearly blackout again :( and I got pain in middle of stomach just below my chest. Why ar? Shall go check up soon. This make me worry for the training coming soon!!

Tonight will go Curve again for Cardio class. Follow by Body Attack lauching class. Not sure I can hang on in this BA class or not. Just have a try. Think after 2 classes I'll become dead body. So will straight home and sleep!! haha Only managed to join half of the BA class. It was full house until I can't join. But managed to join half way. Today (Thurs) I feel very tired. My neck pain. Probably effect from Cardio class last nite twisting head a lot. And butt pain cos by BA.

Got a call from travel agency regarding my winning to Phuket. I need to copy passport front page to fax to them. Depart on 17 Jan back on 19 Jan. It is twin sharing. So have to share with the other gals who won. total 10 of us. Already ask Su Lin share room with me liao hehehe. I have to pay for Thailand airport tax leh...500 baht. Travel agency said they can't buy it over here. Got such thing?? aiyah thought of no need spend any hehehe.

Just now had a short farewell party for one of my colleague (manager rank one la). Company ordered 10 large pizzas!! but many of us. still managed to finish it. I just ate 2 pieces n no more dinner for me liao haha. save money.
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Morning will go in office then go to KL for work. Will be going to Matrade at Sime Darby building. Do some installation which is first time for me. Actually I'm developer but gotta do technical stuffs *cheez* Well, learn new thing mar. It's just a simple task so still manage I hope *pray*. The task not along I assume. Will back to office after tat. Bad luck or I din flower shower today? The installation gotta postpone to afternoon due to no electricity at client site. sigh sigh. So now gotta wait. Hopefully can finish b4 after work time to avoid jam *pray hard*. If I can leave early then I'll go home to rest. Will decide home or gym later :)

At nite suppose go join Intermediate Step class. But still thinking shall I join? I'm thinking to take rest and sleep more at home hehehe. Also thinking to go shopping for gym clothes to the training. (Training days need to change clothes a lot) I not enough now especially pants. See how?! May be I just stick to gym cos I cant skip it haha.

(25/11 update) my work till 6:30pm at KL and thought of no gym but end up still at Axis for Intermediate Step. damn tired in d class. cant do well. I need a rest la.

Ehhhh not much on this day. Night as usual joining Cardio Dance. That's all lar. Friday no more party nite for me *grin*

(25/11) Decided no gym tonite! really tired. My fren called this morning ask me go to her house for dinner. her mum cook pan mee :D yum yum. will b there makan then we will go shopping together probably at Bangsar. (shopping is my initial planning by taking break from gym).

9am-11am will have Paintball !! Yippie. this is my second time go for paintball. This organized by my company. subsidize most by company kekeke. Now got around 15 of us joining including CEO! gosh kekeke he is the aim for us kekekeke.

Rush home after paintball since it is at bukit jalil near my house. Then get ready to go to either Axis BA launch 2pm or to Curve Jam 3pm by Tracy. Definitely Jam is priority to me. If this class cancel then I'll go to Axis.

After gym I wanna go shopping if I still havent get gym clothes. Going to spend some liao :( Today I keep thinking whether shall I get a new IPOD 30GB? after checking the prices Japan can get RM500 cheaper than getting from Malaysia wor. And since now I got a colleague in Japan coming back this weekend can help me to buy. So shall I??? Most probably I will get it...sob sob..

No plan yet. Either gym / kai kai / stay at home. Will update if I got plan :D

(25/11) My bf gotta work in JB so I think will go gym for whole day lar. Then do my own stuffs.

OK I shall go now. late to gym liao bcos of update this blog haha.


fongwan said...

Wah... so fast plan for whole week ah.. hello 500 baht is RM50 only lah... still got money to shop one...

fongwan said...

Oh yeah thanks for droping by

Shirlyn said...

haha every week almost same mar. n knowing wat to do coming days. but sometimes plan will change according something up lor.

aiyah if the airport tax can pay by travel agency as well then better mar. save 50 for buying other stuffs :D