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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Body Jam Training

Last nite got a surprised be informed tat I'm in the Body Jam Training helding in 9-11 Dec. I've been told there is an audition when given my name. So all the while expected to have audition first only decide whether can I qualify for the training. However now been told in training means no need audition. A bit happy about it. The training is from Les Mills. Body Jam is one of the program from Les Mills. For other program training details can check here. After the training if pass you are qualify to teach in any fitness center which has Les Mills programs. I can't imagine I'll becoming instructor?? Worry about my capability to teach.... Well, just don worry much now and will have fun in the training first. I am looking forward to learn much in the training mean time to improve my skills also.

Here another step I'm walking forward. It is much different from what I'm doing now. It is my interest and I wish to have passion on it!