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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yesterday I took half day afternoon leave purposely to do renew passport. After the farewell lunch then head to Putrajaya. Spending about half an hour to find the immigration building but end up they said can't do passport there! I was cursing them that make me wasted so much time travel all over. By the time I realized is about 3pm. So faster rush to Subang Airport as told from my friend that the number can get until 3:30pm. By the time I was there already past 3:30pm and the number ran out. Asked to come back next day morning...ish ish....feel like punching ppl... Ok fine, then decided go to damansara another immigration thought of use the kiosk but....again...it closed at 3:45pm... sigh...no luck for renew yesterday. The result just wasted time travelling. Will do it again this Friday morning at the kiosk at damansara then only go to work.

Yesterday really a hectic day for me...initial plan thought got enough time to rest but always there are things happen that out of control. I have a video conferencing interview at 6:30pm but reach my friend's office an hour ealier to understand more about the system. The session went thru so so only...but the UK ppl there require me to go to UK and meet them in person. So I might go to UK soon within these few weeks. If success I'll getting another new job. sob sob...

After interview is about 8pm then dinner with my friend and rush to TF for rehearsal at 10pm for the purpose of new Body Jam 37 launch at TF next Monday (5 June). It ended at 11ish then straight go home to rest. The time for the launching is at 7:30pm 5th June 06 and it might allow other fitness club members to join...not sure yet. I will take part in shadowing some of the tracks.

FYI...my company declare holiday on next monday! hurray!! hehehe :D