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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Dumpling Festival

Today is Dumpling Festival...and also is my lunar birthday (chinese calendar) - 五月初五. I was born in this day and of course I love to eat dumpling (ba chang). However, it's been long time I didn't eat and no chance to get one to eat. Until this morning got colleague brought some to office and I had 1 and half pieces :p....I wanna to eat since few days ago but unable to locate one and no time to locate the stalls which selling... I still will eat again if I manage to buy some.... Too bad my family didn't make it.

Just now office had a farewell lunch for my manager and another colleague. We had Pizza Hut, chicken wing, fried meehoon, jelly, secret recipe choc banana cake etc.... I'm very full now :p Wish all the best and good luck to them. Here some photos taken just now...
Developers Team
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Whole PD Team - 2 persons named are leaving us...
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This Friday is my birthday and the gym friends say celebrating with me...but still not decide will have a party at friend's house or just go out dinner at a nice restaurant....no time to prepare for everything...lately suddenly too many things on hand and too much to write it here...no worry, i'll try to write down everything...


Tony said...

Hey, Shirlyn, Happy Birthday!!!

Shirlyn said...