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Friday, June 02, 2006

My "Butt" Day

hehe today is my birthday...happy that a lot ppl wished me....old friends, gym friends, colleagues. Surprised that some who can remember my day even didn't in touch for long. Thank you to all of you.

This morning got a birthday gift on my work desk. Its from my colleagues. And lunch time we all go for celebration in IOI mall. Here are some pics.
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Kent, Fong, Shirlyn and Li Ling...all of us birthday in same month. Everyone of us got a small cake. There is another colleague who is not joining us lunch also birthday in June.
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Making wishesssss.....hehehe *greedy*
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Cake cutting time for all of us and just a few shot for the gals... hmmm lately all the gals so addicted to photo taking..hehehe. a lot pics taken for these few days and a lot events + makan sessions.... I gain weight already...sob sob...
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kt said...

happy birthday shirlyn!!!

going 4 d extended BJ37 launch @curve 2nite? if yes, c u there!!!

yhsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shirlyn!
Sorry I didn't wish you yesterday. Didn't have time to read your Blog until today.

coconino said...

Nice cake, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Shirlyn said...

kt: unable to reply u as I don't work on Monday cos company has replacement holiday for Agung's birthday :p...wat do u think abt the extended BJ37? It was tiring day but very fun to c every1 and joined the classes!

yhsmom: no worries...thanks for the wish. u r really active and joined quite a number of classes on sat huh? hehe

coco: thanks gal...miss u... :)