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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gone Siao

Yesterday night I've gone siao. Why? In office, since morning gotta pack office stuffs for first moving Saturday morning. So it was very rush. I have to clean up all the cupboards and inside with books and files. Pack...meeting...and pack...total 10+ boxes I've packed only for books and files. So tired yoh.

Then night I did 3 classes. First started with team teach body step. I was tension bcos havent familiarize the tracks suppose to teach. Die die still gotta teach lor. After step continue with Wave class. 2 sessions non stop. The last one was Body Jam. I also tension bcos I'm doing the track...Jazz Cardio which been long time no do and not familiar...practice n practice before the class. And the tracks are super tiring. Lucky I asked Sharon help me do 2nd half. Thank god. During 2nd block the time I got cramp. Lucky not me teaching so can take it slowly :p.

Oh yeah...I did not eat anything before classes. So I was super hungry after that. We go yum char at Wong Kok Restaurant in SS2. I just eat meat and vege. Satisfied myself. Had a good laugh with the siao ppls. Check out the laughing story from Jazz2dmax blog. But my brain shut down after makan. By the time home already 1am. Super sleepy but still online till 2+am hiak.

Today woke up at 12 noon! wakaka still not enough yoh. But can't sleep longer. got class in the afternoon. This morning my neck so pain! bcos of the track i did last nite. Every time did Jazz Cardio sure neck pain one...bleh. Body aching now...sob sob.

Just now dinner had a sinful dinner n drink session + BR ice cream! wakakaka. sinful sinful :p