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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where is my Passion?

I don't where am I now. I am impatient here. I have lost my passion in the same place. I wonder my passion is on what? Where can I find my directions?

I am moody for these few days. Lots of things happened made me think of who am I? I'm not doing good at all after all. How can I improve? What should I do next? Clueless.

I wish I can just hide away without facing it at all. Hate my current situations. Hate myself. I'm on anti social now. I wish to have a break out of it. Or just stop doing things that make me unhappy.


Su-Yee said...

hey gurl, if you not feeling in da mood, is ok to let it out. but after that, get back up and stay positive. dont let the negative energy take over you:)

your subconscious mind is very powerfull...use that.

attimes i also feel anxious and sick.....but i kept telling myself to stay strong. hope this helps:)

Shirlyn said...

yeah...i'm trying to let it out. no worries..i will be fine after few days. always come to a point u really down but after some time will over it la.

trying to stay strong...just tat sometimes hard n u wan give up only. sob sob...