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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Need a Name asap!

I am planning to start a partime biz now. Will continue again my old biz which selling accessories...but this round not only my own made accessories, also will source some different things from other countries. Also will sell clothes as well. It might be good start but will be difficult to get it started. Seem like a lot of things need to be done. Lucky I have partner and some friends willing to help.

Now, first thing I need to have is the name of the brand! I need something catchy, innovative, unique, easy to remember...any idea? Suggestions are welcome :D

If any comments on how to start a biz please let me know as well...I have no idea how to make it works now. Still in planning. Oh by the way...I will start it by e-commerce first... :p

Soon I'll make a website to show my products....remember to support wor! (pray hard it will happen la :p )

name...name...name.....creative ppl....i need u.....


Su-Yee said...

my suggestion....Shilyn's?

i know it sounds.....not very creative. but atleast its you. and the name is sweet and gurly.....so it can associate to what you are selling.......even DKNY also ma...Dona KAren.

i think shirlyn's is nice and eazy to pronounce.

~hushling~ said...

I thought the previous name you have for your accessories site was good and catchy enough.

Shirlyn said...

previous name is me and my sister share one. but now I'm doing together with friends. So better to think of a new name. I can't use my own name as suggested. sharing...so must have a common name