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Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Lunch cum Tea Break

This is what I usually will buy every Saturday after Jam class at Pavilion...lunch cum tea break...Hong Kong Kings Tarts. Few times I bought it already. I like to try something different. The tart I like there is not egg tart. But different flavour hehe. First I tried was milk and egg but prefer milk one. Then now I tried green tea and corn. Not bad la. Overall I like milk and green tea. Quite pricy. Once a week not so bad gua. Here the tart pic
Oh just now pass by the J Co donut...crazieeee....so many ppl queing. I thought of try it but see such long que..forget it bah. next time if got chance. I don crazy abt donut. Wonder how good taste it is until so popular..hmmmm. No idea.