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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My New Hair Style

It's been a week having new hair style :p. Yeah I did it last Saturday. On Friday night saw Daphne and her has a new hair look. So ask her where to do it. Since I'm planning to do my hair also. The hairstylist is one of TF hartamas member and used to be Jam kaki. Then I ask the location of the salon. Immediately plan to go next day. hiak. fast decision hoh :p

So next day after Pavilion class drive down from KL to Uptown...a bit far and traffic jam. End up be there at 5pm which my appointment suppose 4pm. OK initially I thought of keep my hair long and do rebonding or redo the curl...but the hair stylist, Harvin suggested to cut short which more suitable for me. So I just listen to the advice but don't dare too short...so medium length. Then I need to highlight...1 base color and 2 highlight colors. The hairdo end at 8pm+. total 3 hours plus. Cut, highlights, treatment :p such a long hour but I've used to it...usually I did even longer than this. After my hair shorter I feel lighter and feels good. I like the new hair style and the color. What do you think? If you interested I can give you the hairstylist contact :D

p/s: but one thing susah a bit...hard to tie my hair for doing a class! have to spend more time clip here and there as my hair too many layers...gosh ... any tips?

The pic taken on that night after hairdo...no wash for 3 days

A week later...after several wash...is it still the same?...with my puffy eyes and tiring look!! slept late recently and next day early work...sob sob


~hushling~ said...

Pretty Pretty!!!

Shirlyn said...

thanks :)