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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Purdey's Birthday Dinner

3 Jan 2008 @ Delicious, Bangsar

Before go for the dinner I went to Jaya33 to join Cardio Wave 80's retro theme class. It was success theme class and fun. I did 3 sessions as member quite tired. I did 4 sessions before but I still can handle. However as member I don't think I can do 4. But some of them can do. Salute! This is the group pic with some of the Taipan wave regulars and with the two ying jai instructors, eng guan and alex

After gym then go to dinner. Had a wonderful night. Delicious has a good environment. Feel comfortable to hang out there. They opened till 1am. We all come at different timing...so some eaten and waiting other having their dinner and hang out till about the shop close.

This is purdey but only with half face :)
Purdey, Sharon & me
Sharon & me
Purdey, Sharon, me & Jason
There some other ppl one but am lazy go around take pic. And the guys are sitting comfortable on the sofa!

Browniesssss....I like it