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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Counting Down

2 more days to go Bangkok holiday. Leaving on Friday night and back on Monday night. Looking forward for it. Prepare to shop till I drop :p and meet friends there. It's been a year plus I didn't go for holiday. This time I really looking forward. Suppose planned to go a better place but things changed. Sometimes I'm thinking...things changed will the heart changed as well? I can't answer. But my wish is remain same as what it was. Don't know what am I talking here...sob sob

6 more days start a new job...which I don't wish my holiday end so fast! But no choice. After Bangkok trip next day is first day for new job. Weird hoh...but is my choice. May be rest too much no good. Make myself more lazy. But I'm enjoying the holiday. Everyday donno do what stay up till very late night...hohoho...tired but don't go to sleep...all the time with my pc. sigh nothing else can do? don't know