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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad Mood

Bad mood and emotional period now. Out of sudden I am angry out of some reasons. Have you guys had destructive thought? I have it now. My car having break problem and yet I have no time go and check it out. Leave it. I'm thinking what if it happened something bad and *boom* I'm just disappeared the next moment. What will it feels? Who cares? No one cares also. I need cares but I don't get it as expected...I'm not that lucky to have all these...fine. Used to it. So if I left no one notices.

OK enough drama. I should stay focus. On work and gym only. Tomorrow I'm going for BodyStep clearance. So I don't want anything affected it. I've put alot efforts on it and I don't wish to fail because of emotional. I will try to control it and hope I can. I need supports. The best thing I think I can do now is make self busy, think less, less pain.


coconino said...

wow u are in bad mood.

stay cool baby! :)


kt said...

don't feel so down sweetie. u still have lotsa good things going on in ur life like dancing and good friends!! :)

as for ur mom... at least she has daughters who love and care for her. am sure she appreciates that. let the doctors take care of the physical healing, u all can take care of the emotional healing. :)