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Friday, March 07, 2008

New Release

New quarter new release. Yes last saturday went for quarterly workshop again. So this round Bjam is 44 and Bstep is 71. And I did BVive 6 in the workshop also. Jam was good. this round the moves not too complicated but then need the feel especially the hip hop...must have drama part also. and the retro house need a lot energy. Love the songs...got Conga, Beyonce Get Me Bodied and the last song Everybody Everybody make you groove!

For BStep 71 this round add on a lot dance moves. more fun but more stamina needed also. sob sob. my weakness in step is stamina! looking forward for my clearance in bstep and hope can teach this 71 release. currently working hard to team teach...planning for clearance soon. btep 71 also got Get Me Bodied...haha too many beyonce songs. It has Tequila and Thriller as well. different!

Tomorrow will start the first tuitions...have to work it hard and practice practice practice. I'm worrying about the Jam launch in Y fitnes and My Fitness! not used to do launching.

Here the launches I'm doing:
17 March 2008 (Mon) - Y Fitness 8pm
2 April 2008 (Wed) - My Fitness 7:30pm

Time to have stress again and cracking head to memorize all choreography! Will be fun and tiring as well. Let's do it!


Adrian said...

Hey hey,

Am sure you'll enjoy doing the launch. Gambate ya!!! :D

Shirlyn said...

Thank you Adrian! :D