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Friday, March 21, 2008

BodyJam in Y

I have one Jam class in Y Fitness every Thursday 8:15pm. At first I take up to see whether I can do it and I never been there. Initially not many members in the class...and some even doesn't know what is the class they are joining!. And to me Klang is really far. Take one hour to go there and take half an hour to 45 mins to reach home. Every Thursday sure I'll home late one. Earlier on thought of giving up the class. But then the numbers in the class getting better. And can see some members able to follow. You will see progress there. And also see them enjoyed. Some times got funny members joined in and we had laugh n fun time also. I find that in Y no pressures. Because the numbers is not what they are seeing. I feel happy that having regulars. And members know my name. hehe.

Really thank to the launch also! Because of it some of them tried and wanna do the class. Just like last night new one to Jam class leh! The commented Jam was fun and wanna try again. hehe. Some of you might think Jam is easy but after the launch heard they commented Jam is tough! is so tiring! hehe. Do it then you will feel it :p..some member even said only 2 Jam in a week. So few...they can't do more often....GXC pls take note yoh ;)