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Friday, March 21, 2008

Launch @ Y Fitness

BodyJam Launch
Date: 17 March 2008
Venue: Y Fitness, Centro Klang
Time: 8pm

I'm glad that called up for doing bodyjam launch in Y. It was so called my first time really do the launch although I did half of the class. Compare to previous one I did in TF was just one track or shadow only. This time taught half of the class. Before the launch I was so nervous. Worried a lot... forgot chory la...donno how to cue la etc. Although I'm confident with the chory but still first time doing it in the class for whole thing. Lucky got Tina with me. She started very good and bring up the atmosphere. Most important see those never do Jam joined in together and had fun. The members are so supportive, so hyper, and they rock! Made lots of noises and response. The whole class so hot hot hot until can't breathe. kakaka.

The new release in chory wise quite easy for us who is teaching. easy remember la. But in energy wise a challenge. It includes Hip Hop and House. Both are very very hype hype hype. To survive for whole thing not easy. So on the launch night most of them half way cant continue anymore. hehe. Left only few survivors together with me! hiak. Oh and also thank to GXM, Mel...GXC, Yili, ever rock Leonard and Raymond supports also! With them around the class even hotter. hehe. (pssstt...tell a secret...din know Yili really can dance one yoh...esp Hip Hop!) hehe. Aiyah Mel as usual fit and gorgeous creature can dance so well! kekeke

Tell u tell u...that Leonard so hyper until after launch still mau buat lagi. Requested Disco some more! wahh...we really siao together-gether...did the wholel entire disco routine!! Ish ish... but was fun. hehe. Made some members felt fun with BodyJam also. hiak. not bad.

OK enough words...lets see pics la! More pics here
Me & Tina
The Launch team & GXM...Tina, Mel, Leonard, Yi Li, me
After class...with few members...
All showing butts!!! Is this bodyjam post?? hehe