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Friday, March 07, 2008


I know it's outdated but still wanna post some pics here and write up what did I do during cny :p I believe u guys also interested to know right? haha.
Basically I do nothing during CNY! kakaka. Went back on cny eve. surprisingly no traffic jam. Had reunion dinner then my eyes just infront of either TV or computer :D.

1st Day of CNY:
Stayed at home and never step out from the house. Whole day online and especially on facebook! playing games and watch tv. can see mushrooms growing ;)

2nd Day of CNY:
Stayed home also. as usual facebook again. haha. then only at nite went for relatives gathering. Every year now and then we have 1 day cny gathering for all relatives from my father side. Just some catch up with relatives but I felt sien bcos i dont close to relatives and some of them I've forgotten their names! Below some pics taken tat nite...

Mom (middle with red) and dad next to mom...brother in white and the rest uncles aunties and cousins etc... but not all in the photo...din take group pic.
me, cousin alison, and 3rd sis
Day 3 of CNY: Day also stayed at home. so sien hoh. hehe. Only at nite got lou sang with high school close friends. Every year we will have one night gathering for lou sang and then mahjong and karaoke one. This is a crazy gang and we laugh non stop whenever all together. haha. Many laughs on tat nite. And manage to see other school mates where all gather at one of the friend's house. That night play until early morning 5+! Let's see some pics... The whole gang went for the lou sang dinner. see how messy we were! mind us...we are very chou lou :p Others food on that night The lucky guy with all gals...haha in his own house The whole gang on that nite...others guys came separately and join together for mahjong The person with so many horns is leaving and marry to NZ. so would be her last gathering with us. Good luck Samantha ;)

More pics here

Day 4 of CNY: Woke up late due to only slept at 6am. haha. pack and makan then went back to KL only around 3+pm. Suppose go to raymond's house for visiting but couldn't make it on time. Lucky highway just a little bit jam due to accident. Went to Jayson's house for gathering. We have makan makan and of course mahjong. hehehehe. We all surprised jayson and wear in red red. nice...
Like this pic...with twin sista Sharon. hehe. There are more pic from below links. I was bengang bcos I am not in the group pic! reason? they said i'm playing mahjong don wanna kacau me... said we play so serious...duh. I think the links with photos and videos also.

From Alex's Camera click here
From Ethan's Camera click here
From Brian's Camera click here
Videos click here

16 Feb (Sat): Private mahjong session at my house. Just few of us. Till early morning 2am. haha

17 Feb (Sun): Lou Sang with the gym gang. Our theme was purple. all wear in purple except Jon & Jayson! duh. all wear in same color take pic will be nice! We went to PJ state seafood restaurant for lou sang. After that they decided to have mahjong at my house again. Bought 3 rootbeer pitches. then we have 2 mahjong tables...one adult one kids. haha. why kids? bcos some donno how to play and just play for fun. so we call it kid's table. hahaha.

Havent get all the photos from Jon during dinner time...only got some from his facebook.. check it out here.
A group pic at my house
That's the end of my cny gathering and gambling ler. Nothing much. But it was great to me. Got spent time with my friends. You all my best! hehe.