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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BodyStep Clearance

On Monday 24 March 2008, I did the BodyStep clearance @ Jaya33 8pm. I was nervous the whole day and very bad mood. Can't focus. So worried I cant do well. Whole day can't work. So left office early. Reach Jaya33 early. Just take my time prepare and practice a little while. During practice so much chory salah. Damn nervous.

Before the class starts, no member....but slowly more. However alot new one! More challenge to me leh. Oh by the way...I was hungry (no lunch no dinner) before class. My energy nearly kaput towards end of the track! But I try to push push push. hehe. It was very challenge to teach new ppl do the step and I still have to maintain my high option for the clearance. phew...susah nye.

OK cut short and tell the result la. I've CLEARED for BodyStep! yes it's CLEARED. kakaka. at last it is done. Over. but another beginning. gotta start team teaching and do half of the class first. Then later only slowly pick up whole class. However so far no replacement yet. hehe. and my pair partner not ready yet. So it's time to balance up my schedule to think of do more bstep now if any class for me la. hehe. Crack head to learn BodyStep 71 liao. So far havent memorize all yet. hiak.


coconino said...

what do u mean by clear? u passed?
anywho...congrats girl~~~

Shirlyn said...

yeah Cleared mean I pass to be able to teach class by my own. So mean now I can teach BodyStep already.
Thanks! :)