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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Feeling

Tonight...I feel like crying...because I'm alone and out of sudden think too much. Also may be too tired. Whenever I'm alone I'll think extra. Sometimes when thing happened, I try to avoid to think about it...don't think not mean nothing happen but just try to make myself feel better. However just now got a sms from sis asking to go home tomorrow for mum's birthday steamboat lunch. It made me think of the sad thing again. Yeah...last week got to know from sis that Mum condition not doing good. The cancer spread else where. She had pain. So now sis bringing her to KL for chinese acupuncture every week. Now think of it feel sad and yet nothing I can do. So only thing is to go back celebrate with mum. Take more pics with her. Spend some time with her.

On the other hand...something made me angry. something bothering me. I wan to know the firm answer. I wan to act stupid already. I wan to cool down myself. I wan to leave it. Stop bothering.


coconino said...

sorry to hear about your mom... i will pray for her.