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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was pissed that I can't sleep well lately! I was trying very hard to fall asleep although how sleepy I am. But during the sleep I can't sleep soundly. Dreamt a lot. Sleep uncomfortably. Super tired after the sleep. I was struggle get back to sleep once woke up! Although I still got time to sleep but automatically wake up and very very hard to continue the sleep. damn pissed wasted the time that I can sleep! HELP ME!!!! I'm getting haggard. I'm getting lack of sleep. I'm getting extremely tired. My panda eyes getting worst and worst. Everything just getting worst!! *cry*


Pauline Wong said...

take care of yourself dear...

Shirlyn said...

trying to but sometimes hard. finding solution :)
thanks dear.

Su-Yee said...

try cammomile tea. and dont watch tv, computer 2 hr before you go to bed.hahah....then don know do what hor....

or u can ask this from doctor - Stilnox.

but do not depend on it. you can eat it if you are at a foreign hotel bed that you can sleep, or if you need lots of energy the next day. sometimes if you have bad cough/runing nose, just take this and the next day you will wake up feeling really fresh!

this medicine needs 6-8 hours, so if say you want to wake up 8am tmw, you must take 8 hrs before hand.

Shirlyn said...

good! thanks for the info.
but seriously i cant not to look at computer b4 sleep :p may be try not to on it at first place!

Stilnox can get in pharmacy or need go clinic and ask doctor give?