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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dumbest Driver

Seen these many times especially those driving nice car but with a dumb brain. Most of the time happened in Touch & Go lane. Just recently one case...friday morning while driving to work. I was queuing at top up lane.. then saw this dumb driver trying to go thru Smart Tag lane but stucked there. I was thinking may be is the tag device problem or he just went in wrong lane. Then afterwards after he reversed his car straight cut infront of me! I was 'what the f'....ok fine...let him...so know that his touch & go no value...then hoh at the counter saw him talking to the cashier donno what la...but never see him bring the card n money for top up leh. what is he trying to do??? after a while then only he bring the card and top up. damn...took so long time just to top up. What is going on that dont just top up at first place? why talk talk talk? Really stupid driver. And I tell u guys...all the cases happened are MEN!!! dumbest male drivers!!! oooppppsss...sorry if you are a guy out there :D don't just say women drivers are dumb k!!