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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

中医 Chinese Sinsei

Last night after work went to see a chinese sinsei. At first my plan is to go gym joining 3 classes. But while chatting with a friend, she told me I look very very tired. Suggested me to rest and see sinsei if possible. So coincident lately am looking for sinsei and she reminded me. So get a direction to the sinsei place. It is located in Botanic Garden in Bukit Tinggi. I am not familiar with the garden and lost a bit. Actually I don't have the full address but just a direction from my friend in the phone! Pandai me at last manage to find it. But took me quite some time. The sinsei is from HK and he doesn't know how to direct me to his house. Lucky got another guy beside him helps to direct me.
The sinsei just 把脉 (check my pulse from the wrist) then he told me whats my problem. And all are true! He said my waist very tired, very 躁 (restless), 涨风 (stomach bloated), mouth dry, can't sleep well, even if I sleep but I dreamt a lot, whole body aching from the sleep, and the main problem is my shoulders and back vein pulling...cause having headache and tired. Also lately I get diggy easily. His advice to stop taking the stuffs below esp the first 3 things:
- Chilis (oh no...my favourite :(....I must have chili with the food neh...but mean time have to liao )
- Fried food (this one i can skip...I don't take if possible)
- Pepper Powder (I like to have this also with soup or porridge :p)
- Cold Water
- Watermelon
- Soyabean milk (I drink sometimes without sugar one leh...gotta skip this time being)
- Beer (oh no worry...been stop drinking liao :D)
- Green bean tong shui (seldom have this..no prob)
- 薏米/凉茶 (Barley drink) (oooo....like to have barley one leh...ish ish)
- Biscuits
- Milk
Quite a long list huh!! basically is I had too much chilis cause my body heaty and if I take those cool stuffs will make my body clash lor. That's why I get diggy and tired so easily. Also notice lately very hot temper :p And also because too much chilis I had 痔苍 (hemorrhoids) and it is not surprise I still will have it if continue have chilis. So from now onwards gotta eat light food and not hot one lor....tsk tsk...
Then the sinsei wrote a long list of medicine names which I can't read at all! and gave his staff to pack for me.
Nah...this is the medicine he gave....1 big packet!! x3...tried drink last nite...yuck! very bitter leh :( 
苦口良药 lah!! Total bill just RM42...ok lah not that expensive.
Hopefully after finished all the medicine and plus my food intakes control will get better gua...he also suggest me sleep before 12 midnight la...I'll try!!! :D Is time to take care of my body good good. Getting old and if not later even harder...sob sob


Cindy said...

got meds to help grow thin one ar?? hehe ...

Shirlyn said...

u can try to see...i think if u take good care ur body and control wat u eat sure can gua...

ahhou said...

Glad to know that you visited Sinsei and take care of yourself. Rest more and get well soon ya, we gonna enjoy our trip later...

pamela chan said...

no chilie how to live...;p

Shirlyn said...

CANNOT!! but NO CHOICE lorrrrr :(
i'm notty...yesterday had something hot!