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Monday, October 20, 2008


Just about partial food I had recently :D
2 weekends ago went back to Seremban. I had a car pool with one girl friend which is going to Seremban for work. So I follow her car back on Saturday morning. Suppose plan to send mum to see chinese sinsei in KL but sinsei not around so just go back accompany mum and see her since some time didn't go back. I have to follow my friend back to KL in evening time. So before head back to KL brought my friend to this shop selling lou shu fun which is quite famous in Seremban. It calls Yee Poh Lou Shu Fun. Just opposite the place you can buy Seremban Siew Pau.
It just some char siew and minced pork. Best consume with their yummy sambal and green chili cuts.
Been interviewed by Ho Chiak.
Also 2 weekends ago but is on Sunday. Went to Bubba Gump @ The Curve to celebrate Wabbit's birthday. Had a great time with the bunch of crazy peeps and enjoyed Wabbit bump shaking on the chair!! hehehe fun fun fun! First time went to this restaurant...if not they said it I also no notice leh. Can imagine how long never dine at Curve! Love this dish very much esp the sauce...superb yummy. It is a kind of fish which good (donno what fish)...and also my favorite mashed potatoes...alot...and also they are not kedekut with the prawns...big plate huh? but I can finished whole plate until 'mei yan jiu keng' (can be a mirror) !!! wakakkakaa that day purposely not eating much during day time...save my stomach for this!!! love it! love it!
Last Friday, company have raya dinner at same old place...which is Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel. compare to previous time I went from company dinner but this time very much different. I find the quality dropped so much. They don't serve lobster (as what Alex shows!!) and last time got cod fish now don't have. The dishes not impressive leh. As usual first thing I'll get is sashimi lor! Here here look down. hehehe took a lot of sashimi...and oyster!! enjoyed my first plate...until full already actually.... but still go own 2nd plate... 3rd plate and so on :p ...here below all the food I had!! a lot? my colleagues said a lot wor....but look at it ok bah... I did not try all types of dishes wor.... still feel tat not worth the price (100 + per person leh)... waste boss money.
sharkfin soup...ok ok la...but i like the soup la
caeser salad and some sald...time to have vege after so much meat :D
dessert time! too bad can't try all. ok la...usually I don't fancy the desserts but compare to Cinnamon these much better.
Sourly ice creams...kiwi and strawberry...good to have something sour after so full!
actually i also had a bowl of tomato soup....sour also...just nice and hot...make my stomach feels better. after that had some fruits...that's it...cannot eat anymore although wish to eat others la....


Pauline Wong said...

Yee Poh Lou Si Fun! I like it very much! Must add it into my to-makan list during my year's end trip home :)

Shirlyn said...

yup!! I like it also. those who go seremban must try yoh.
actually seremban got many types of lou shu fun...this is one of it only. I miss others as well!!
love lou shu fun! may be only seremban got all nice lou shu fun gua :p agree?

there are still many foods in seremban that I missed!