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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Faster Internet

Yay!!! at last I have faster internet connection at home!! But........a lot of problems to be fixed!
Installed the broadband (TIME Netlynx) 2MB speed =D 2 days ago but my Aztech old modem not working! So next day go buy new Aztech modem. Yesterday try again also cannot connect...duh! Last 2 nights been configuring until I sleep late...KNS...So today the technician come fix but also unable to fix. So he just temporary loan his modem to me and mine pass to him to fix. So temporary I can use the fast speed internet connection...yippie.
But then I spent few hours with remote support from my friend only able to configure the connection thru wireless router. Lots of hiccup and frustration to setup. I think my wireless router got ghost. Very weird situations. But lucky in the end manage to solve...but now left one problem..which is wireless not working yet...sigh :( trying now...but am very tired...may be continue tmrw