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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Less than a week will have a holiday trip to siem reap. You can see the count down ticking on the left of my blog =D But I am yet got the holiday mood. Still haven't prepare anything yet for the trip. Haven't change money (walah...now USD gone up!)...Haven't think of what to pack (usually I'll do last minute packing)...Don't know what is the itenerary (although ahhou sent it out but I don't remember at all!)...cos I know ahhou to incharge or it! kekeke....What else I don't and haven't? ahhh...tak tau lah. Too tired to think. May be just pack a little over the weekend. Is time to prepare bit by bit. Takut later no time. Frankly, I have no idea where am I going to!! Am I excited about it? errrmmmm don't know :p

Next thing wanna update is currently busy settling personal stuffs and planning something big soon. But everything not confirm until the time comes.

At work, currently am allocated at client's place. I am happy with the location because near from my house (20 mins ok lah)...most important no traffic jam. And I can claim the petrol and toll. But heard the project team soon will move back to our main office which in KL! oh no....scare traffice jam...then I have to wake up even earlier. Then scare no parking. You know la, KL so packed and limited parking. Even got also gotta pay! Now parking is free wor....then I cant claim my petrol which can cover my expenses a bit. Which means higher expenses when move back to KL office! I haven't work 1 day at the KL office since joined this company. haha. We got new office...opposite the old ones. Already booked my desk hehe. And one more thing....have to wear formal to work. Currently I just wear t-shirt and jeans to work leh. So much different.


Leonora Halim said...

nak ikut pi Siem Reap... :D

Shirlyn said...

jom!! :D