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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Market Research

Last night went for a market research discussion. It was my first experience. Last nite event was 2 hours discussion. But half an hour earlier they provide dinner and get to know a group of ladies. Total 9 of us (suppose 10 in a group). Once completed the discussion will get RM120 as a token. It was interesting, fun, enjoyed night. Some more can have free dinner and earn some money. hehehe
What did we do in the discussion? Basically we just sit down have a close discussion. The in-charge person will ask us questions and show us some board with the products or concepts to promote the products. Then he asked us our thoughts...our opinions. We just give what we think, comments etc. After that he will give us to taste the mockup product and give comments as well. It was beverages testing. First start with Smoothies, Milk Shake, Condensed Milk Powder (and some other sachets product inclusive condensed milk powder eg. coffee and teh tarik), extra cream powder, and the most interesting is cereals in maggie cup size just add in water. All products all in sachets or a packet form which convenience. But the taste of all drinks don't attract at all to all of us. Too bad there is no testing of cereals.
The ideas for the products some are good and not in the market yet. But is the taste not meet our expectaions. We provide ideas, what we like what we don't like and so on... Overall is a discussion. They want to get our opinions as a consumer...now I know how they do market research. Hope to have more to try next time. :D If you are interested you can register at http://www.i-respondent.com and if you match their requirements then they will call you up for this.


Su-Yee said...

u get paid on the spot?

Shirlyn said...

got the token right after the discussion.