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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Busy Weekend

Really busy and tired until I have no time to update my blog. Here some updates about my last week schedule. I went to gym for 5 days on last week except Mon n Thurs. Usual, work then gym for weekdays. Last week got a bad weather with heavy haze. At first the plan for the weekend have to cancel but lucky end of the week the haze gone and my makan fest resume hehehee.

Saturday, morning went do IC at Maju Junction. Lucky it just took 1 hour plus to finish. Then shop a while there and rush to gym at Axis. Joined 2 classes as usual. The second class I joined was Hi Lo which I miss it for long time. It is really good workout class for non stop. First this class has more than 10 ppls join but later getting lesser and lesser until the end left 5 of us with the instructor. And I'm the only girl who survived :p. After this class we all foot sole painful. Then night went to Klang for seafood dinner. It is delicious dinner. 5 of us had 7 dishes with 2.5kg crabs only cost RM119. Cheap right? After dinner back home to rest. Really super tired.

Sunday, went to Saisaki for Japanese Buffet Lunch. It was great. I had a lot sashimi until very very full. The buffet is from 12-2:30pm. RM43++ per person. Although a bit expensive but the food there really nice. Too bad my stomach cannot fit in everything. ^.^ I stopped eating an hour before go to gym. It was a raining Sunday afternoon. I got wet when get up to car. At last I see rain and good to clear the haze. After gym went to Low Yat and Mid Valley get something. Another tired day. Home quite early and take a rest by watching tv.

That's my busy weekend.

Lately I know more friends from gym. I know them where we always join same class but we don't really talk to each other and knowing the names. But slowly now I joining their group and get to know some names. It is good thing. Always like to have new friends especially have same interests and will meet them at same time same point.
By this week I have to come out something which is running to my boss. He is going to test it with me when he comes back from HK next week. But I'm still got problem and no where to complete it. May god bless me liao this time. This week suppose to have a new staff joining my team so I will not be lone ranger anymore. Who knows this guy FFK. Never give a call to us even he doesn't want to join. Disappointed. Office getting crowded. More new staffs joining especially Indians (why??) and no place for them to sit anymore. Gotta rearrange the seating and lucky not affect me. My place is meant for senior position and not allow to disturb. heheheh
The hemorrhoid going to disappear soon. Been trying hard to drink more water and fruits. So it is getting better. Indirectly it helps on other problem I've been suffer from. Actually I got a swollen gum in my mouth. Something like the hemorrohid but on different places. Now it is getting smaller and going to disappear as well. Left small little tiny thingy there. hehehe.
Due to lately been eating a lot so I have to workout more and more. Tired but still wanna go. I can't miss any gym class which I get used to go.

Another thing, at first thought of buying Suzuki Swift but due to it is going to increase price and too soon for me to decide. So I will forget the plan and wait for another half a year. Wait till next year and hopefully will have more cars coming in with lower price. At least give me more choices to choose and plan for it.

For the biz, trying to get a stall in Hartamas Shopping Center to sell. Waiting for reply from the management. Meanwhile we are doing stocks preparing for it. Hopefully can have a start of it. Plan to go Singapore on this weekend or next weekend if my schedule allow. Will see....