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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Since Monday night I've been practicing the Jam tracks till 10pm. On Tuesday, joined Body Jam class by Tracy first then only continue practice. Axis studio ventilation is the worst so far. That night really like no aircond. I sweat few times more than normal day. When the ventilation not that good will make ppl difficulty to breath and get more tired than usual. I was sweat until clothes are wet and exhausted already after the class. Then rest a while continue to practice abt an hour also.

Yesterday I knock off sharp at 6 and rush to Axis body jam class at 6:20pm. Of course a bit late. My reason to join more jam is to practice more. After Jam I joined half class of Body Combat. Already tired at that time. Then my group said wanna practice and I continue for the practice for another hour. gosh...I did more than 2 hours cardios already. End of the night I felt my back pain again. Just like last time case pain until walk also a bit difficult. Can't even bend now. Hopefully today recover a bit cos tonight gotta practice again....