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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Nike Woman Challenge

Last week got to know Nike Woman going to have a challenge between Fitness First members. This challenge is we have to form a group of 5 inclusive 1 instructor and miminum 3 girls. You can choose Body Jam, Body Conbat or Body Pump tracks to perform. First round will be challenge in between the outlet. Then second round challenge in between few outlets. Then go to final. So one of the Body Jam kaki ask me to join him the group. Hmmm since I like dance and never participate this kind of event so I just agree. So first round of the challenge is on early of next month. Well a bit nervous and looking forward for this challenge. If win I think will get Nike Apparels for free from top to toe. hehehehe.


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Judy Chow said...

got stranger try to do advertisement here..yeah abt this nike challenge i just heard it today from body steps class...peter is not available for joining in group as instructor as he got something on..so great la..u got ppl ask u to join...go n join u can experience more, since u can do well in body jam should giv urself a test...since got nike..worth it to try la...who knows u win..good luck.

glok41lcac said...
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