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Thursday, August 18, 2005

No Network Connection

These few days donno what reason my office network down. Last 2 days still able to on yahoo messenger but not browsing. But today getting worst until messenger also fail. sigh...when can it be fixed? Is hard for me to do research on net for the work I'm doing. And our MIS department ppl hopeless man...no one come and help. :(


Today is exact day of ghost month. No wonder this morning started to rain heavily and rain for long. Feel so cold today. Since after Tuesday gym I overworked my back neck until it pains. Yesterday hardly turn my head side, up and down. But still go gym last nite :p although still painful. hehehe. Today still pain but better than yesterday. So tonite no go gym. Hopefully can rest tonight gua...hehehe Somemore don't wan go out late today as today is ghost day hehehe.