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Monday, August 22, 2005

Last Weekend

Slept early on Friday night cos too tired and woke up late. Had a good rest I think. Went gym at Curve. And pay for the flea market rental. So it is confirmed that I will sell my crystal accessories starting next month on 4 & 11 Sept. Location at Hartamas Shopping Center. If you guys feel free can come have a visit ;) At night I went for dinner with a friend and eat crab again...very fat lar. Recently tend to eat a lot hehehe. My wai sik character is back! oh no...got trouble already hahaha. After dinner go home and started do crystal stocks until 4am. Don't know why that night I do not feel sleepy at all and just keep on do my things until 4am then only force myself go to sleep. When trying to sleep I can't sleep due to my brain still working. Took me sometime only can sleep.

Slept only 6 hours due to wake up by some noice. Did some crystal thing again and go to gym. After gym then home and do crystal again. My whole sunday only do 2 things.

That's it for my weekend.


Alex Wong said...

ur making crystal brouches n necklace??

Shirlyn said...

as long as anything can wear on then i'll make..kekekeke