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Monday, August 29, 2005

Rush Weekend

Last weekend was a rushing weekend for me. On Saturday morning took 8am aeroline bus to Singapore for biz shopping. I reached there at 1pm and straight to the shop to get the stuffs for biz. In the shop I spent 3 hours. No choice, everytime I'm there surely at least 3 to 4 hours because the shop pack with ppl and I take my time to choose the materials I need. Suppose Cherlyn and Brian will meet me here but they are not free for something more important. From there I took bus to Queenway Shopping Center to meet up them since they are at that area and my purpose there is to get a pair of new Nike shoe. Managed to get a pair and later walk to Ikea have dinner. Thanks to Cherlyn and Brian for the dinner treat. Next time I'll belanja you guys when back to KL yeah.

After dinner we shop at Ikea as both of them need to get idea for their new house. I'm tired of carrying my back pack with full of the stuffs I bought from the crystal shop. Quite heavy. I stay a night at their house and next day take 8am aeroline bus back to KL again. My time in Singapore basically just less than a day. It is really rush and exhausted. My reason back to KL early because need to join the FF merdeka theme class at 3pm.