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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Last week

Basically I went gym 5 days on last week except Monday and Thursday. Went for a movie on Thursday. Friday suppose to join Cardio Dance class but the instructor met an accident and can't make it. So end up I just do some cardio then meet up comm members. We suppose to go Jazz Festival at Mont Kiara but I'm the first one be there and damn packed until each restaurants around the fountain no place to sit. So I just divert others who late to else where. End up we had drink at Mont Kiara Coffee Bean.

After coffee bean we went to mamak yam char. One of us not dinner yet and me too. So had supper and felt guilty hehehe. Then hoh, this Sam keep on want to tell ghost story during that night is first day of ghost month. grrrr made me so terrified when going home alone at 2 plus in the midnite!! some more driving alone (don't dare look at behind) and take lift alone (hope the lift faster reach). Am so so so tired and straight to bed when home on Friday nite.

I woke up very early on Saturday morning due to some noicy sound. So decided to go early gym and joined Yoga at Curve. Due to few more hours to join 3pm body jam class so I went out to flea market checked out the stalls. Bump into my sis who is checking the stalls too. So end up we shop a while together. We did ask the flea market managing guys there and they dont wan any accessories stall. But there are new flea market available next month in Hartamas Shopping Center. We would like to have a try. So this month will a bit busy with tight up to do more stocks.

After gym I went to have a test drive on Suzuki Swift. Good car and really nice and I like it much. Now trying to calculate whether I afford to get it not. Damn...my car now worth like shit lar. After trade in also can't pay off the loan I owe bank. Cracking head to think of way to settle it. If cannot then my swift will fly away :( At night went PC fair but due to its too late can't look around much. Anway the place there look spacious and cleaner and cooler. It is a big conventional center...After that went for movie at KLCC. gosh so tired on the day again. Straight to sleep when home also hehehe.

Sunday again woke up early at 9am. Cos gotta go gym with friends. Joined 2 classes and went home rest about 3 plus. Before that got my cds with 4 HK series from my friend. Whole person like zombie when home. Just sit down and watch tv and copied the series to laptop. Just rested for 2 hours and go out fetch a gal friend to have dinner. hehehe We had Fridays and yummy nachos...hmm I like to eat nachos especially from Fridays. Again hope quite late and damn tired.

Next day really beh tahan when wake up. Eyes so sore until nearly can't open. Whole day sleepy. Until today also the same. I think I need time to catch up my sleeps....time time time.. how to get more time???

Recently I feel myself not myself. Can't concentrate on anything. Mind like thinking a lot things but can't do things effectively...die lar if keep going on like this....


Passion Passimon said...

Hope your flea market thingy can work out well so you can earn extra money from there!

Shirlyn said...

I hope it works very much too. So I can earn more hehehe