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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Celebration after Training

Is not really a celebration. Just coincident Monday 12 Dec is Selangor state holiday n Body Jam training just over on 11th. Also because an international instructor from Philippines - Clark still around in town and he is conducting Body Jam at Curve. So we all jammers just go there to join his class. Most of us so like to c Clark do d jam. It was really great, fun, happening, crazy, high till d end. Gotta thanks to Clark. Because he is leaving soon, so we all hang out with him for d day. He taught us a lot about body jam. I've learnt a lot since training and very very glad tat together with all d jammers n instructors. sooo happy to join d jam family. everyone is important to me, they all r great persons. d spirits around tat can make u high, make u go on with happiness. d training brought me different kind of experiences n gotta chance to know to learn different things out of my own world. especially happy to know talented instructors from oversea. Fitness world - a new change in my life n my first step to different world. it is a challenging, energetic, enthusiasm, passion, friendliness... all together. Though it's not easy as wat I thought previously....passion passion passion!!! It's a goal to go for it...go go go.
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coconino said...

glad u have fun joining the group... i could see u look great too!

Shirlyn said...

yeh yeh really hav a lots of fun in da group!!