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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some Actitivites Lately

Farewell dinner/drink with Jacqueline
After the dance show we meet up with other who had dinner with Jacqueline at Coliseum. We met at Dome Lot 10. And another great nite with over 20 of us. Jacqueline is FF GX Manager and she is leaving to HK for good. So we kind of had a farewell dinner and chat with her. She is still around until end of this year. More pics Note: u need to register/login in order to view the album :)
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After the drinking session, me, Raymond & Clement went to Bliss to meet up others who already there. haha I lost control on tat nite n "molest" some of them. oh...just having fun n dance crazy since no one will bother me there hehehe. tak perlu jaga image. :D

Last Saturday went for a ballet dance show performed by Larry n his friends. It located at Panggung Bandaraya. Very nice show. All are wonderful dancers. It was my fist time attended such performance. Here some pics taken only. haha the middle pics am I look like couple with the guyz?? :p
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Azie's Birthday
15 Dec is Azyei's birthday so we all plan to give her surprised. She was so surprised n happy to c us around. Tat nite abt 20 of us or more than tat. long table n we were busy takingi pictues, makan, chatting. more pics
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