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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Old Photos To Share

SODA clubbing - SODA is a new pub around the town in Sri Hartamas. So my friend ask me go together to check it out. Since I've been about a year (more or less? cant remember) no clubbing. And miss all my friends out there (clubbing kaki) so decided to go with them although I've very very tired just from gym. Tat nite got a special DJ invited from Thailand. She was cool n sexy. Her skill not bad n nice music played. Had fun n met some new friends n a junior from high school which he still can remember me. :D means I've not change much?? hmmm impossible. :p at least I become prettier mar kekeke. These were polaroid photo so a bit blur from scanning but still can c my cute face nia *oppps* :P

Pic was taken away due to some resons...sorry guys

Paintball - Company subsidy us for paintball event. It is located at Bukit Jalil behind hockey stadium. Total RM70 each with basic 50 pallets + 1000 pallets share among us. Total 11 of us. Quite tiring sport but was fun although in d end of d game muds over my pant n shoe. 2 hours game n my result got 3 bruises + 1 bleeding part. fine fine fine...just little pain n some tattoo for few days :p haha. hopefully next time got more ppl go for it n get a bigger battle field.

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