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Thursday, December 08, 2005


1. 29 Nov - I've got a new toy --> IPOD video 30GB white. Main reason to get it now is for Body Jam Training helding coming weekend. And it's new product from Apple with video functions. Some more I ask my colleague bought it from Japan and is much more cheaper. These few days spent time to learn how to use it hehehe. Not bad if you do consider. *thumb up*

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2. The happy time I only have now is in the gym I think. Got friends around. Can workout till tired n straight head to bed when home. Don't have time think too much. Here some pic taken on Tuesday at Curve. The class was conducted by 4 overseas instructors from Singapore & Philipines. They are good. Of course, they becoming Trainer for instructors lor. Mean while me just move a step out to become instructor only :) They are nice persons. Ada gaya when they do the moves hehehe. must learn from them. they inspire me.
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3. Last nite a surprised call from someone I knew her thru internet but never met b4. She said she is in town!! I don't expect she will here in KL. Girl, you really can hide n lie to us oh. hehehe. She ask to have dinner at Souled Out with others. Before she calls I plan to go Carrefour to get food for my training and then go friend's house to practice. But by the time I'm home quite late so decided just meet them for dinner n cancelled my shopping thingy. Will shop later during lunch time. We had great time from the dinner. First time met her but don't feel strange. cos we did see each other thru net and chat for some time. Some photos taken but in Steph's camera. Waiting her to send me then I'll upload here.
After the dinner abt 10:30pm I went to a friend's house to have some practice till 1:30pm. *yawn* sleepy for today. well tonite will sleep very early!!


Tony said...

Hey, how much u got this ipod from jap?
i would like to have one if i got money....hhehehe...don know will wait till which day only i got money...

Shirlyn said...

about 1200-1300. big difference compare to malaysia's price.

Tony said...

Hey, how much is it if we buy at m'sia?
i think it should be 1200-1300 + 5% tax right?
how bout the language? is it in Japanese?English?

Shirlyn said...

malaysia selling at RM1599. the price i told already including tax. it has multi languages in it. so no worry. english or chinese u can read.