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Thursday, December 08, 2005

~Exciting + Nervous ~

Tomorrow is the first day of Body Jam Training. 3 days training. 9-11 Dec. 1st day at SPK 2nd & 3rd day at Maxis. 8am-5:30pm. Would be tired days but for sure enjoyable + exciting + knowledgeable days for me. Cross fingers to wish all of us in the training pass to instruct :D

Today already no mood to work lor. Quite nervous about tomorrow. And tonite a bit busy n rush for doing last min shopping for food n some clothes. And I'm so tired n sleepy today as last nite din sleep well. So go home pack and sleep early. Gonna pack more baju for training. I sweat a lot n need to change more. Arggghh like very kan jiong n no time to do this do that. :)


carebear said...

Hey Shirlyn....
Good Luck!! All the Best... Relax and enjoy the process of learning... :)

Shirlyn said...

thanks carebear. will try to relax myself. n i'm sure will enjoy the learning process. :) thanks for stopping by here too.