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Friday, November 09, 2007

Almost Accident

This morning when driving to work as usual using Kerinchi Link. From federal highway go up the highway...there is an accident just right at the corner which the cars behind unable to see it. It was raining and floor wet. Lucky I didn't drive fast which I used to...when reach at the corner out of sudden all cars stopped...have to emergency break but the road too wet and my car skidded. Lucky next lane no car so I just moved to that side. And lucky car behind me also managed to break but I can see nearly hit me. Phew...lucky managed to stop and car not skid much. What happened was the car don't know how it bang and the whole car blocked 1 whole left lane...hopefully the drive is ok.


siewSiANlang said...

wow,thats was a near missed,be careful.