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Friday, November 23, 2007


My mistake. Mom's tumor is not in uterus. is in intestine. This evening sis told me report is out and confirmed is cancerous. Is a bad news to me. Now looking for a hospital and let mom has surgery. Hopefully after surgery everything is fine. Finger cross. God Bless Her.

I need to be strong now. Can't cry. It has been a critical period for me...very hard to go thru but will try. Learn to be tough be strong.

Update: Mom will admit hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) and surgery to remove the tumor on Wednesday morning. Tonight (Monday) after work will go back to see her and try to take leave on Wednesday if possible.


Clement said...

dun worry, fern. My mom was having similar cancer in colon. It was 5 years ago and everyone has a tough time. Yes. You need to be strong yet focus on priority in the next few months.

Btw, my mom still healthy and kicking now!!! YAY!!! She's 64 already. I love her. I miss her.

SC said...

Take care, hope your mum gets better soon..