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Monday, November 05, 2007

Clement's Farewell

28 Oct 2007 - Farewell party for Clement. He is leaving to BKK for work. I was organizing the food and make sure everyone brings food :p In fact that night more than enough food. Many varieties and nice :) In the morning after breakfast we went we market to buy fish ball. Then follow Clement went Giant buy the necessary stuffs for the party. Went home rest a while and at larry place around 3+pm. Helped to blow balloons and tied the balloons. Suppose I am cooking chicken wings but thank god got Joey helped :p. Since early morning non-stop preparing and guests coming at 5+ and so...

The food bit by bit coming in. Those who came later miss the earlier dishes which gone fast :D Some of them just makan and watch So U Think U Can Dance. It was wonderful night. See all in green color very nice. I think the most happiest is Clement lor. Ate a lot that night...after that week gain lots of weight leh :( sigh. I was the first one be there and the last one left. I stayed up till about 1am. Superb tired and next day gotta work some more...sob sob.

OK la photos speak the word...click on the pic and will lead you to Osman site which have a nice layout with nice pics! I so like the pics...all in green color. Others from my camera pls go to here.