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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Q4 Les Mills Quarterly Workshop

Every quarter we will have a workshop for Les Mills programs master class to learn new releases. So it is a tension time for us again...because have to learn new chory before next launch! Seriously this time I love the quarterly...because the two programs I joined were BodyStep and BodyJam. both master class superb. BodyStep celebrate it's 70's release which using 70's musics and 70's essence. More fun and disco feel. More performance. So harder than this time. But I like it. For BodyJam, so so so like the master class. Tracy and Kylie were so great with new moves. This new release has more different moves including disco as well :p, Reggaeton, New School House block with african jungle jump etc. Wah...this jump a bit hard to do. But I like the songs and the moves. Time to remember the chory already...sob sob. Time time time and my memory!! :D Here the photos taken from quarterly. Thanks to Osman ;) Click on the pic to go to the link for more pictures.