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Sunday, November 04, 2007


On Thursday night, I was studying for next day exam till 3:30am. An hour later in the middle of my sleep I heard noisy sounds...sounds came from my laptop keyboards. Then I turn around my body (my bed next to the table where I put laptop and next to laptop I put my handphone. And a window next to my bed and table and facing corridor out from lift. It was opened while I'm sleeping.) I got shock after turned around. I saw a hand holding a stick came from outside the windows trying to hook my mobile and it can't reach thats why keep touching laptop keyboard which made the sounds. My first instinct is to grab the stick and shout. When I look out from my windows the thief ran away. Didn't manage to see his face. I should have grab the hand instead the stick. But too late to think about it. Quickly closed the windows. I was too shocked till my whole body felt cold and shiver. Can't even sleep again. I didn't wake up others since no lost. But at that moment I wish someone can calm me but not as what I'm expecting. My mind kept replay the incident. I'm terrified. Alone to face this at that time. sigh...

Next day morning before I tell my sis about the incident...she told me there is a vase outside my windows. Then I told her about the case. Usually a people stand outside my windows their hand can't reach. Now I know how the thieve tries steal using the vase to climb up. The whole day still can't calm down and kept thinking. Myself very cautious and sensitive to everything around me. The world no longer safe anymore...must be careful anytime anywhere. especially being alone all the time.

From this I see who cares and who doesn't. But never mind...as long as I know now.
This is how outside my room windows look like. And the vase tat fella use to climb up.


Clement said...

thanks for sharing and this article is so useful to share with some of my frens (ladies) who staying alone...