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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hate Man

At the moment I just want to say I hate man! Don't ask me why. Isn't this is my own blog? I can express what I like to. Whether you like or not. If you choose to read then stay if not then go away. You may read me or know me from my blog. I don't hide. I just write what I like to write. May be this is an easy way for you to know me. But you won't understand me personally. There are things I still can't express here...all hiding within myself. Let me be bitchy a bit here...I am not always good and nice in front of all of you. I still have anger, emotion etc. I am nice to you because I don't hate you or dislike you. So don't take for granted. It may changed one day...

Men are cheater..they are selfish...when they like you, they need you, they will come close to you. At the beginning were very sweet moments. You will fall into the trap. They tend to be nice to you. good to you. But all lies....never trust anyone especially a guy! When they don't need you anymore will forget you totally. How can they be like this? Sorry that I can't do so. Once I like the guy I won't easily forget. Not like men heartless. Where are all the cares? the kindness? the sweet talks? the good memories? all gone! they just turn away in a second. Can't I hate them??

Hopeless to see all these...to gone thru all these...is better shut myself from being hurt or lied. No liar! No man! Is better keep myself away...sooner I have no confidence on men. May be I'm stupid in believing...once and once hurt myself. No more believe...no more trust. That's it!



Dead passion said...

Can understand why you feel so. Have you ever believe that "men" are "hunters"? They just like the process of hunting, they enjoy the excitement, get the whole package of satisfaction and then get bored of maintaining a woman in a relationship.

There are always both sides of view from one angle. We, woman can feel hurt and sad for a man that no longer showing cares to us, cry for them like nobody business, anyway we are not a piece of meat, we are woman that have feelings and emotional. Otherwise, we can be a real wonderful woman to understand a man that we love deeply, no matter how much our man do not want to care about us anymore, we still continue to love them, if we see love is supposed to be SELFLESS.

Women fall weak with a man's loving and caring, that's why we fall to hell when they took them away.

I told myself many times too, continue with the strength that I have, try to be in control, make them fall on your knee, to get here, we need to learn to LET GO them.

*Love is like a sea, the deeper you dive, the harder you breath, and the harder you breath, you will choke to death*

Be strong my buddy, you are not alone.