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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad News but Think Positively

Today sis just told me mom's report is out. It is Advanced Stage which means infected both liver. So coming surgery will just remove the tumor from intestine then for liver part need to do chemo. Just now went back Seremban after work to have dinner with mom. Good to see her again and she said little bit pain only. She still look ok at the moment. And thank that she is quite optimistic. At first I was worry about her..sometimes she really worry a lot type of people. Sis said must make mom no worries then only can help on the illness.

Just now few aunties came to visit also. Then we all went dinner together. Everyone worries about mom but we all look at the bright side. Everything will be fine. Must think positively now and like my brother said it can cure one. Sis suppose migrating early Dec but she postponed the plan. Wait till mom get better from chemo then only bring mom together to Perth for recovery. Now we stop mom to take care the shop which she is doing daily. Sisters and bro figured out to settle the living for dad and mom and the medical bill. Mom no medical coverage from insurance :( so sis has to pay for it. Lucky I have elder sisters and brother for all these. I only can give mentally support to mom as much as possible.

Advice to all, please bring your folks for medical checkup regularly. Don't wait till they said pain only go for doctor, it will be too late. For the sake of you and your family, make sure you are always in healthy condition. Don't let your family and friends worry about you if you got sick. Health is the most important than others. Start think about it. Sis told me to go for checkup since mom has cancer, so we might have possibility to get cancer also. Lately I felt a bit unusual pain on lower abdominal. For those who don't know, I had medical history where operated once to remove ovary cysts few years ago. Hope it won't come back again...finger cross.


Su-Yee said...

my best wishes to your mummy. and u stay srtong gurl!