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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just heard that my mom is sick now...she has uterus tumor :( Today just took sample from the tumor and send to KL hospital for analysis to see is it cancerous or not. Next week only know result. Hopefully and finger cross she is fine. Let's pray....

Pity my mom la...she pain for 2 months already never tell us. Until now very very pain only we knew it. She should have ask us bring her to see doctor early. Old people is like that, pain and never think of see doctor one. I feel bad and sorry that I didn't go back often to check on her. Lucky now got sis in Seremban to take care of her. Heard that she had hard time from the pain today to get the sample. Heartache when heard of it from my sis :(

I can't do anything now...what can I do??? I really hope she is fine. I don't want her suffer la. And yet nothing we can do :(

Can't help myself from crying now...really useless. Too much worries from so many things...I'm gonna collapse soon.


Eva's said...

no worries shirlyn.Is normal for a woman to have uterus tumour.I'm sure wif professional advise ur mum will be ok! Take care!

Tweets said...

I'll pray for your mom too.

Maybe it's time that you spend more time with your family members.