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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

K Lunch

On 20 March is a holiday. So me and other high school friends arrange for a K Lunch @ 1U Neway. My friends started sing at 11am. But I was there only at 12 noon. hehe. I don't sing. Because having sore throat. so just went there for lunch only. :p After the K lunch I said need to work so we proceed to Starbucks. However I cannot work la...with them all around...so just chat, laugh...watever topic also can talk. One thing to complain, that Starbucks really hot! sweat when sitting there leh. haaha. Took some pics from a friend's new phone. Every time we came out also no take photo. So this round we took.
Back: Carine, Kelvin Front: Li San, Kopi, me

me, Carine, Li San, Kopi, Kopi's gf Chuah