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Saturday, November 01, 2008

So Careless

Last night went in for funky line class but end up sprain my leg :( I was super pain and walk also pain. I am having another class later. So worry I can't move. Quickly changed and went down to a pharmacy (lucky in jaya33 and got a pharmacy there!) get a spray which numb the pain for temporary. It helps a bit and not so pain. Funny thing is when do nothing but just walk it pains. But when on stage teaching I don't feel it at all. Always happened. Remember last time I had super swollen leg still dance but I don't feel the pain during dancing. haha. good also hoh. But after effect not so good to feel lah :( This morning still feel the pain while sleeping and my ankle now red and swollen. Have another class later. Can move or not? donno. don't care la. just do it. Think need to see tit tar liao. Must recover before next week trip!!


zarrien08 said...

aisey!! this Shirlyn har.. selalu tak mau jaga body sendiri.. nanti kaki tak boleh jalan macam mana??!! hah?? hah??
*Zarina marah2 to Shirlyn..*
hehe.. U better see doctor, coz afraid it will become worse if u keep teaching jam :) I know when ur on stage, u'll not feel the pain, but kesian kaki u.. nanti kaki u merajuk.. haa.. u yang susah tau!! (Panjang betul Zarina berleter.. hehehe..)

Leonora Halim said...

huuu.. u take care... nanti takleh buat klas lama pulak....

simone said...

Gurl, better rest the ankle!
If you need to do the class make sure you wear ankle guard.

Shirlyn said...

sorry gals!! now only notice the comments. tu yahoo pasal :D
thanks gals for the advice / marah2 kekeke...my ankle gets better now. Still a bit swollen je. But not so pain la. no worries...will rest for the rest of the week!!! cos am going holiday! kekekeke